Price : $139,000.00 SIGNCART
31-01-14 9350 Hits

Purchased in 2011. In box and crate ready to ship!!

Phone: 5866153399

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  • Vutek GS3250r

    Vutek GS3250r

    Purchased in April of 2013. Comes with one year warranty. Late 2013 bearing system installed. Runs like new with 100% spare parts kit included.

  • Gandi 3150x2

    Gandi 3150x2

    Ran great when decommissioned. Float style 50pl print heads. Four brand new print heads come with purchase.

  • Mimaki JV33-130

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    Machine has light usage with third party inks installed. Runs great! Purchased mid 2013

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    Mimaki JV3-130 SP II

    This is a clean JV3-130spII.  The SPII model is an upgrade from the SP model.  It has a head height adjustment lever that knows to use the correct calibration.  This printer was well maintained.  It has only run Mimaki SS2 OEM ink and has had one owner.…